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    One way to capture the long term move higher in short term rates.

    1954-2013 all time low                       0.07%, contract value = $292, contract price 99.93
    Current Fed funds rate                       0.10%, contract value = $417, contract price 99.90
    Top of the Feds current range           0.25%, contract value = $1,041, contract price 99.75
    The Feds  target by end of 2016        2.00%, contract value = $8,334, contract price 98.00
    The Feds target at full employment 4.00%, contract value = $16,667, contract price 96.00
    1954-2013 average                              5.18%, contract value = $21,579, contract price 94.82
    1954-2013 all time high                    19.10%, contract value = $79,583, contract price 80.90

    Click here for the complete report on how we are trading this rate higher, no registration is required

    Fed funds 1991-2013 rate/contract price valuation chart.
    To enlarge any chart or table on any report page click on it


    The Fed is giving us clear guidance as to where they believe interest rates will be and by when.

    All at the Fed expect the Fed funds rate at 2.00% by Dec 2016 and 4.00% at full employment
    Fed’s Fisher wants December taper, clear path to end of QE3
    Fed on track to taper in March; chances of December or January
    James Bullard says ready to taper Fed bond buys
    Fed’s Plosser: We need to begin to get rid of QE
    It increasingly appears that tapering is coming at the Fed’s meeting next week.

    Trading the Fed funds rate higher requires establishing a net short position.
    As the rate increases the contract price falls to reflect the increase in the rate.

    Each 0.01 change in the contract price = $41.67

    To calculate the rate the contract price represents take 100.00

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